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Alchemy Fashion Show

Posted by Cheryl Zemke on August 12, 2019 at 11:35 PM Comments comments (1)

A conceptual fashion show and designs by C. Creations by Cheryl Zemke also featuring Petoskey Bling and Rima Adomaviciene’s Jewelry will take place at the Downriver Council for the Arts on Saturday, November 9th, 2019.

C. Creation’s multi-award-winning designer, Cheryl Zemke, is hosting a casting call for her 9th Annual Fashion Show Alchemy on August 15, 2019, at 5:30 pm. The casting call will be held Downriver Council for the Arts at 81 Chestnut Wyandotte. Models are coached and trained by C. Creations to walk a professional runway and learn to pose. Casting is open to females and males that fit the criteria. Ages 14 and up. All denominations and heights, all adult sizes (NO young children or child sizing).

Zemke is looking for models with confidence that would like to expand their skills and portfolio. Photoshoots for promotion before and during the show are a possibility for some that qualify. Including opportunities to be featured in Dedicated Magazine.

Fashion designer Zemke specializes in custom-fit garments for all sizes and shapes. She attempts to include a variety of size ranges in the show. This is a charity event, however, models will have some compensation and merchandise credit for volunteering. Only models serious in committing and living up to those commitments need to apply.

C. Creations Annual Fashion Show and Charity fundraiser is a mixture of fashion, art, culture, acceptance, commerce, and community. Zemke creates themed fashion experiences that are conceptual. Alchemy will be the 9th Annual Show and is completely funded solely by designer C. Creations. In the past, it has been a sold-out to 90-120 VIPs. Zemke brings culture and education to the masses by including a diversification and artist style in her designs.

This year her inspiration is Alchemy- the Creative Art of Transformation- the magic of turning ordinary metals into gold. Also, there will be Asian influences of Wabi-Sabi and Kintsukuroi. Zemke chose this concept in relation to how people feel about each other, accepting people for what they have gone through in life and how valuable they are. Like a piece of pottery that has been broken, and instead of throwing it away, you repair it. It is more valuable for going through the journey.

Alchemy Fashion Show brings fashion to the Downriver area in a professional manner. C. Creations/Zemke installs her 38-40ft. runway and will present her art inspired fashion collections. Each year Zemke chooses one or more designers to participate in the event with her. This year she has invited two jewelry artists, Joyce Czarniowski of Petoskey Bling and Rima Adomaviciene of Rima’s Jewelry coming in from Cleveland, Ohio. Podcast duo Jackie ‘J-Dubs’ Wallace and Nora Griffin will be the Masters of Ceremonies. DJ Apollo- Paulo Dusicska will be providing music.

This fashion show is more than a runway – it is an artistic experience. Zemke is inspired by arts in her designs, supports the DCA center as a volunteer and art teacher for their Kids Summer camps, she is on the Gallery committee and helps to promote other artists in the community by bringing attention to the gallery and the many facets of art. Alchemy fashion show will help the DCA by bringing new guests into the center and providing them with membership and venue information, and allowing them to experience the art exhibit on display in their gallery.

In coordination with Alchemy Fashion Show, Zemke will be the curator of the first DCA sponsored Fiber Arts exhibit – Fibril Illusions. Models cast may have an opportunity to model at the exhibits opening reception late October. Internationally acclaimed, award-winning duo Joe Kidd and Sheila Burke are scheduled to perform at the reception. Alchemy will bring needed funds into the DCA by donating $10 for every VIP ticket sold and all raffle earnings.

Models interested should bring a full-body photo to leave with the application, or a current comp card. Female attire is a black fitted tank or top, fitted pant or legging, and heels. Males should were fitted pant and fitted top. Email questions to [email protected]

Top It Off

Posted by Cheryl Zemke on April 22, 2012 at 9:25 PM Comments comments (2)

During the Timeless Fashion Show, I had the pleasure of meeting two very talented and lovely women. Their names are Yolanda Haynes and Linda Sweeney. They create and own a company Forever Sweeney Millinery & Designs. Their hats are amazing and can be worn throughout the year to all types of events on your calender. You can find out more about them at their website One of the hats that I specifically admire is The Bantom. It was named after one of their clients, Beverly Bantom, President & CEO of Unique Expressions. Like their Facebook page at!/pages/Forever-Sweeney-Millinery-Designs-LLC/211167552229528

I wish them and their company the best and hope that we will get a change to work together in the near future.

Earth Day Fashion Ideas

Posted by Cheryl Zemke on April 22, 2012 at 9:45 AM Comments comments (0)

Happy Earth Day! I thought I would give everyone some ideas to inspire you to think environmentally. These are ideas you can use today and everyday.

  1. Buy items from a thift or vintage store and add them as signature pieces to your already existing wardrobe. Fashions from the past sometimes give much needed character to an outfit. A friend of mine collects vintage purses and uses them everyday to accessorize her current fashions. She has a great style that you notice immediately when meeting her.
  2. Buy a vintage item and have it custom designed into a more modern item. I have been doing this for a while mainly with wedding dresses, where I make them into First communion or Baptism outfits for babies. But even funner then this would be to take vintage fashions and create a new item entirely that can be worn anyday. For the fall C3 has a line of headband and collar accessories nicknamed the "Garbo", some that I have used recycled sweaters (washed and sometimes felted). By using these recycled items it makes into a one-of-a-kind item. This three-pc set shown sells for $30.00 including the hand sculpted floral pin that can be used on other fashions.

  3. Buy items that are made of sustainable materials. Sustainable fabrics refer to fabrics derived from eco-friendly resources, these fabrics can be cottons (natural, genetically modified and organic), soy, hemp and bamboo. Fibers grown that are genetically modified (GMO) cottons plants are resistant to pest infestations, reducing the amount of pesticides used. Wikipedia explains that "Organic cotton is grown without the use of any genetically modification to the crops, without the use of any fertilizers, pesticides, and other synthetic agro-chemicals harmful to the land". Furthermore, fibers can be used in their natural color. Cotton is grown naturally in a few different colors, without any dyes. Promote and purchase cotton items that are in their natural form. Lastly, there is PET plastic. Many manufactured fabrics are made from plastic, to name only a couple like polyester and rayon. PET plastic is made from recycled plastic that is melted down and reused to make new fabric.
  4. Buy from an oganization that promotes animals such as the World Wildlife Fun. They have great styles for everyday and it gives back at the same time.
  5. Alter existing fashions to fit better and turn into a more current style. Many times my customers have brought me a stack of items, barely used, to ask my advice about making it fit or more stylish for today. Sometimes it just takes a little tweeking or shortening of a hem to update a style. I am available as your Stylist to help you look your best. Call me for an appointment to update your wardrobe today.

recycled fashion collection ideas 8

Two incredible styles made from recycled items... Design your own today for EARTH DAY.

REMEMBER: "The average American throws away 68 pounds of clothes a year. Approximately 25% of all insecticides and 11% of all pesticides are sprayed on cotton fields (the same cotton that is spun into your t-shirts, jeans, and sweatpants). A Global Cool study showed that over half of all clothing, shoes and accessories purchased in 2008 was never worn. This pile of unused purchases adds up to an estimated 8 million tons".  Direct from


Creative Clothing Collection updates

Posted by Cheryl Zemke on April 20, 2012 at 11:35 AM Comments comments (0)

Here is where I would like to post all things about Creative Clothing Collection (aka C3) my clothing label.

  Bright Ideas Collection

My Spring/Summer collection is inspired by the art of the famous artist, Henri Matisse (1869-1954). Matisse was one of the first modern artists and was the originator of the art movement called the Fauves.


                                                                             Madame Matisse: "The Green Line"

Fauves meant "wild beast. " Up to Matisse's time art was almost photographic in nature. The paintings were so precise that they nearly looked like the original picture, and so people didn't have to interpret the art for themselves. Matisse's now famous painting, Mademe Matisse: "The Green Line," with it's bold and bright colors earned him, and his followers, the name of "wild beasts" - Fauves. After I took an art  history class at Lawrence Tech in Southfield, I began to research more about Matisse. I grew an immense respect for him, not only as an artist but also as a man. During Matisse's later years he was confined to a bed and did paper cut outs to continue his art. Thus leading to pieces like the "Blue nude" and "A Thousand & One Nights."


                                                "Blue nude"                                                                          "A Thousand & One Nights"

These pieces of art are the inspiration to the "Bright Ideas" collection. The Spring and Summer of 2012 is going to be all about the pop of color. This collection will give color to all your casual apparel needs.




Posted by Cheryl Zemke on April 20, 2012 at 11:30 AM Comments comments (0)

The Accessories part of the Fashion Blog highlights things that I come across to accessorize your outfit. Accessories are the key to making your clothes a unique style. It is accessories that show people who you are and what you are about, without saying a word.

Today we have such a wide arrange of items to accessorize our garments, besides just pearls or a necklace. Scarves are among this. They are no longer the simple silk scarves of the past but are made of everything from silk to jersey knits. They are not just for the winter months and made of wool knits. Colors range as wide as the rainbow. For Spring and Summer 2012 it is all about a Pop of Color as you have probably seen in many advertisements and commercials. The best way to to this is to use your basic neutral colors of khaki, grey, brown, white and beige and add something, such as a scarf, to add the bright color.

This example looks amazing and we all could do it, no matter how busy our schedules are.  C. Creations is offering a wide arrangement of scarves this season to help you out. Below are three scarves from the "Bright Ideas" collection that can help you create your Pop of Color statement. Each of these are only $12.00, but can go with an array of items in your existing closet, which could be as simple as white or khaki capris and a tank.

Hope you have a wonderful day! CZ

What's New and what works for you?

Posted by Cheryl Zemke on April 20, 2012 at 11:25 AM Comments comments (0)

Well! A lot is new, starting with this Fashion Blog. I have had many requests to post a blog to help people keep up with fashion and learn more about what works for them in the way of clothing. I am hoping that this will be a chance to help everyone look their best everyday.

That being said lets start with the most essential part of style, undergarments. I cannot stress to you the importance of a proper fitting bra. I know this is really personal, but how do you expect to fit garments correctly when you are wearing undergarments that are stretched out, too small or too big. There has been a number of times that someone has came to me because they did not like the fit of an item on them, but did not have the correct bra on or that their bra straps were not adjusted properly. Many large busted woman are the worst for this. I have seen them where a sports bra for a suit fitting and straps adjusted so long that their bust was at their waist. When straps are adjusted well, the bust is at the center of the chest. After adjusting the straps they usually feel that they have lost 20 lbs. because they can see the smallest part of themselves, that is up under the bust and waist.

I do refer people to go for a professional bra fitting, and I do not mean at Victoria Secret. Locally I recommend:

Dianne's Professional Bra & Swimwear (734) 283-2800    3181 Fort St, Wyandotte, MI 48192

They have saved a number of my customers from dresses that they thought would not fit them. Most people come out feeling so happy about themselves and purchasing a few different bras.

Here is a website to help you DIY:

Hope this was helpful. CZ